Belaroma Coffee


Sourcing: Julius is the result of extensive market testing and research into developing tastes in Australia's sophisticated boutique coffee scene. Coffees from the high plateaus of South America and volcanic soils of Central America combine with specialty beans from the Horn of Africa and the East Indies to create a blend rich in fine aromas and flavours.

Roasting Profile: Julius is a single phase medium roast balancing strength with subtlety. The small batch roasting enables close monitoring of the exotic boutique coffees in this unique blend.

Aroma: The medium roast enhances the personality and fine aromas of this superb boutique coffee. Spicy highlights harmonize to perfection with robust qualities of other inputs to the blend.

Appearance: Expect a deep, reddish brown crema with lasting viscosity. The underlying coffee is deep brown in colour.

Tasting Notes: Julius is an intricate blend designed to satisfy the most discerning espresso drinker but retains its "cut-through" of underlying strength in the many milk-based coffees now served. The result of using coffees from three major growing regions delivers a complexity and balance found where the skill of the blender meets the most exacting roasting standards. Truly one of our finest boutique coffees.

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Sourcing: From the premium growing areas of Colombia, Sumatra and Costa Rica. Octavia contains just under 10% of a Nicaraguan that highlights this very complex blend.

Roasting Profile: Single phase, lightly roasted blend of outstanding complexity and smoothness. Small batch roasted, this blend enjoys obsessive attention to the roasting detail.

Aroma: The light roast characteristics of sugary and floral aromas dominate this outstanding coffee. Hints of nutmeg and other spices blend in perfect harmony with delicate roasted notes to provide a complete aromatic experience.

Appearance: A light golden crema with a low viscosity but excellent length. The coffee is a medium brown with attractive lustre.

Tasting Notes: Octavia is our most complex blend and our lightest roasted coffee. It has outstanding characteristics of sweetness and clean acidity, combined with a smoothness and softness that fills the mouth. It leaves no hint of bitterness, just a delightful roasted finish of considerable length.

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No. 5

Sourcing: Only premium grade Arabica beans from the high areas of Colombia, Costa Rica, Sumatra, New Guinea and Brazil.

Roasting Profile: Single phase multi origin blend, medium roasted to give a complex, rich coffee with great depth.

Aroma: The higher proportion of Sumatran beans adds a rich, earthy, 'jungly' complexity which complements the sweeter and fruitier aromas of the Costa Rican beans.

Appearance: A rich bronze crema with excellent consistency of colour and length. The coffee is a dark brown of significant depth and opaqueness.

Tasting Notes: This complex blend is designed to provide exceptional depth of flavour in milk based coffees. It has a gentle astringency which provides a mouth filling sensation. Vanilla and almond with hints of honey are evident but dominated by a balanced roasted character.

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No. 25

Sourcing: Only premium Arabica beans from the plantations of New Guinea, Costa Rica, Colombia, Sumatra and Brazil.

Roasting Profile: Two phase coffee combining 25% caramel roast with a medium roast base to give a blend of mellowness and power.

Aroma: Sweet honey with toffee characters is immediately evident with a smokey almond base.

Appearance: A deep rich golden crema with excellent viscosity and length. The coffee is a dense lustrous dark brown.

Tasting Notes: Perfectly balanced coffee with full palate coverage and excellent length. It has a natural sweetness that balances with the refreshing acidity to leave the mouth clean and fresh.

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